the same mutated resurgo – liturgy for 14 spectators           greek version

even if  I will walk in the valley of the shade  and of the death … I don’t fear any evil, even in the darkest moments of the existence…
(the Bible – salm 23)


medeafire11A woman’s odyssey. An odyssey that conducts her to the extreme crime; to kill her children, a gesture that equivalent to deny her as mother of children that belong only symbolically only to the father. A woman who cannot think her progeny out of the emotional and sensual reciprocity, out of her own affectivity. She lives on the scene the conflict between erotic desire and maternal affection as an aware laceration and suffered, verbalized and still first lived on her face and on her body, to the end she resolved it with the infanticide. A progressive dissociation that races and mature under the whole interlacement and it doesn’t limit to the explosive and emphatic final result. Sorceress and foreigner, contradictory and aware, fought and responsible, Medeia is defined above all for not belonging and autonomy, and her scandal ties to her individual deviance. Andshe is the expression of an isolated self that doesn’t belong to any history and it seems to belong to ours, contemporary, for particular affinities; she moves in us from the scenes on which it returns, I rise myself changed, in so many interpretative tones.
alfredo de venuto

tempio medea
to all the children
who die…




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