palestine behind the wall_

bandiera palestinawe are in the same tear

There ‘a place on this planet where the sun sets at two in the afternoon …

The wall. And its function: define, curb, restrict, limit, make unsurpassed. Homogeneity and border demarcation and frontier, belonging and separation units and limits, of a space, of an individual, of a land, a people, of existence itself. And the existence of the elements that distinguishes it, sometimes neither exclusive nor consistent. Elements that configure a region in culture and destiny, that have not existed all along, but have accumulated, and sometimes contradicted, in the course of time. And freedom of the extension of each of them only partially coincides with the freedom of others, such as shaded frontiers and problems of a country, a compromise between utopia and reality, between tradition and betrayal, between drawing and design. Rechenu, Eretz Yisrael, Philistia, Syria Judea, Eretz Ha-Ivrim, Peleset, Syria Palestine, Pəléšeth, Filasteen, over time Palestine was called by different names to definitions that evoke imagery. All names that refer to different entities, but corresponding to the same geographical territory which confer specific features that are no longer in the minds of those who use it in the concrete reality of this land. Palestine is a land crossed by many internal frontiers borders, checkpoints, walls, prohibitions, checkpoints, occupied territories, often not visible to those who are not state of the person. Fragmentation of the real territory in a myriad of small spaces each with its own important, painful, deep history. And here, more than in other cases, the mental construction can be done, not only by men and women who live in that state, but also of those who make it a point outside of symbolic reference.

The wall
Israelians have in the wall hopes for peace in the Middle East. Palestinians condemn it as an expression of racism that prevents any balanced development for their territories. The geography teaches that where you affirm economic imbalances, are also activated political and social tensions. The wall that divides impedes free movement of goods and people, democratic thought and power to consent to the fringes of extremism more intransigent. Israel sees in the wall a security tool (“where we built the wall we have more control on terrorism and decreased the number of attacks”). Originally the project, also supported by the Israeli left pacifist that condemns it today, was to be the instrument to demarcate the border between Israel and Palestine and wipe the so-called line-green. He had to divide the territory of Israel from the occupied territories, promoting safety and security for Israel but also for the Palestinians, saying that the land beyond the wall is on Palestinian land. During construction, however a lot has changed: no longer passes through the wall along the border, but deep in Palestinian territory; has created islands Palestinians in Israeli territory. As in some villages – the town of Qalqilya, for example – surrounded on all sides by barbed wire, islands from which it is difficult to get in and out, from which you can only think of escape. You have to “see” this wall, in all its monstrous size, you have to go there, to understand what it means for the people of Palestine to live in those conditions. Our effort is to help multiply the eyes that see.

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