Dziady. Teatr święta zmarłych_

dziady cartolina
Dziady. Teatr święta zmarłych
Forefathers. The theater of the dead celebration
memory frames
1 november – 2 november 2016                                italian version

…in the disgregation of all spiritual things of which we are witnesses, only art still retains a spiritual character. It has its charms and mysteries that reason is not able to explain.  For some people art it is still a religious rite, the only ritual that dare make
Adam Mickiewicz


Two reasons and an attempt for an unusual event. The reasons…all the dead are saints living people never do anything for the dead apart remember them occasionally, bring them flowers, when they remember, when there is the occasion In the theater on the contrary, although most of the actors and directors which are frequented from it or who unknowingly attend it, it’s different Someone knows, unlike them, what is the original relationship between the theater to the cult of the Dead. The first actors are detached from the community playing the part of the Dead: makeup meant designated as a body alive and dead at the same time: whitened bust of the totemic theater, man face painting as of the Chinese Theatre’s, based makeup of the Indian Kathakali rice paste, No Japanese theater mask. The same Tadeusz Kantor suggests (at Denis Bablet, who titled a book) a particular term that identifies its theatrical research with Cricot2, Krakow. The Theatre of Death, the rhythm of reliving and dying, one of the many semantic rites of the Kantor’s theater. A polish.

in Polish seans it means both show, both session spiritsan evocation of spirits. Tadeusz Kantor himself says that theater is, in its essence, a Feast for the Dead Dziady. Teatr święta zmarłych.


The laboratory Artaud, theater research center of Padua, announces an invitation/call, a recall, a gathering, a meeting, an urgency, for anyone, white heart, wishing to attend the first convocation of Dziady. Teatr święta zmarłych. Forefathers. The theater of the dead celebration / memory frames/ white night – 1 november – 2 november 2016, to be held in Padua, in the historical site of Artaud laboratory, both outside and inside, from 20.00 in the evening, ad libitum

The invitation is open to individual actors, dogs loose, theater companies, individuals without any theatrical experience and artists in general, what presenting a study, an extract of a work, during minimum of 5/10 minutes and a maximum of 20 minutes, afferent to the rievocation of a personcharacter or even a relative existed and now extinct, through a medium of theatrical preference, (other artistic proposals related to different performing disciplines will be appropriately evaluated, ex. photography, painting, sculpture, cinema, etc …)

to be able to participate in the event you need to compile and send to this email address, a request to participate, a brief information on the participants and a short excerpt of the study / work that you want to propose, in avi format, as well as a brief synopsis on the same...(here the links to the materials required for participation in the event: presentation dzyadi   request partecipation.dzyadi

A scientific autopsy and anthropological-theatrical-committee, with some experience in the field, in the related disciplines, will select in the case, the proposals received, with the intention of achieving total, work with full meaning, both artistically and professionally.

For this first edition, the event participation costs (transport, board and lodging), are all borne by the individuals or companies involved. The Artaud laboratory may, case by case, to intervene with suggestions and / or facilitations with regard to the board and lodging (excluding travel expenses)


Being the convocation / recall / meeting pertaining to the theater of the dead celebration, he is from now excluded:

  • any request or need for scenographic type (except those that may be agreed and made available by Artaud laboratory. exceptionally), replaced instead by a desirable presence of objects (specific of presented work );

  • a reduction to the minimum necessary as regards the lighting;

  • a prior exclusion of any form of audio amplification (both vocal and instrumental) being proxemics spectators / actors negligible and the particular circumstances.

  • it will be made available an eventual audio system with CD player, a small mixer and a laptop PC with USB port, if necessary.

  • being a composite event, participation in the event, by the proposers, is subject to acceptance of the laboratory Artaud artistic direction (as subject of the event producer) both as regards the succession of the operas both with regard the intended locations (not excluding dialectical and artistic confrontation with the proponents themselves) ..

  • at participants will not be paid, for this first edition, no proceeds;

  • Artaud laboratory instead engage, to publicize the event both nationally and internationally; through both its website and through Facebook and other channels of communication in the network and / or social networks; to produce its graphics event (poster, brochures or postcards);

  • the laboratory Artaud will also provide , in collaboration with cultural popular cinematographic circle REMAKE, to produce a professional documentary and protected by the copyright of the event (on DVD). which will then be distributed/ posted (including transfer via Web) to participants subject at the same event, distributed to film cultural circles pertaining the UICC (Italian Union of Cinematographic Circles of Rome) and to those who will make any request;

  • requests to participate must be received by Monday, October 10, 2016 exclusively via e-mail and its attachments to the following mailto: , with the subject: Request for participation Dziady 2016;

  • it will not be possible to evaluate requests to participate received after the deadline referred to above;

  • to all persons requesting participation will then be sent (by 15 October) required information (date, time scheduled for the performance, location, general condition, etc.).

    alfredo de venuto
    artistic director
    Artaud laboratory
    theater research center

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