who we are
artistsKollettivo was born in 2010 from an idea of ours of an association of associations working in the artistic field that were linked together by their own autonomous, free, independent existence and not linked to connivance with the power, the municipalities, the State, the FUS (Ministry’s Single Fund for Entertainment in Italy), the ARCI circles funded by the Democratic Party, the actors-gramophone, the television, the big fucking companies full of money, the theatrical or museum profiteers, the stable theatres for once and for all built and dead, the commissions to be ashamed of, the cunning theatricals, the incompetent who make a career in the theatre, the artists or groups who come here behaving like snobs, without the humility of being truly artists or revolutionaries, without ethics. A mixture of the thought of Che Guevara, Antonin Artaud, and Don Quixote, reflected in the practices of figurative, performing and expressive arts, in the absolute necessity (never as in this historical moment) of a revolutionary ethic and of a “cruel attitude” with oneself in order to preserve one’s own re-existence, at the cost of a possible disappearance. The aims of artistsKollettivo are to organize a grouping of performing realities (theatre, cinema, dance, painting, sculpture, photography…etc) that in these years and in their past have lived a “liminal” condition, that have struggled and continue to struggle, not to appear but to exist, to continue to produce their own meaning in being artists, in proposing it to others, in seeing and perceiving the immense gratitude of spectators and / or attending their shows / courses.
The artistsKollettivo project intends to create a network of “mutual solidarity and correspondence” (especially in this emergency phase), so that shows, courses and seminars of the member associations can find spaces and times of realization; under the sign of the necessary and essential self-sustenance of the member associations/artists, through the mutual organization, circulation and in some way exchange (not free but reasoned) of the proposals of each member association.
The project is still in the study phase, however, we believe that, according to our thirty years of experience in Italian theatre, the closest companions/groups to a possible association (and to which we will propose the project, for the moment) can be (in order of appearance):

Atelier del Teatro e delle Arti di Repubblica – Andrea Cavarra – Milan
Teatro Agricolo – Giovanni Balzaretti – Livorno
Pataphysical Theatre – Palermo
Porto Arlecchino – Claudia Contin and Luca Fantinutti – Pordenone
Giorgio Bonvicini – Milan
PetuTeatro – Madrid
Luigi Jannarone – Cuneo
the list will continue … the project will enter specifically in the coming days

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