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Humanity also needs dreamers who continue to selflessly research is so important that it becomes impossible for them to worry about the material benefits. (Marie Curie)

logo cieco1The social company Laboratory Artaud, center of theatrical research, is an association among professionistisals man and women and artists that operates in various cultural circles, that purposes to contribute to the development of the research in the field of the theater. This kind of research, aspires to widen the perspectives of the contemporary theater, through a new and modern interpretation of the pedagogy expressed by the artistic avant-garde of the XXth century and to analyse the disciplines that belong to theatrical arts; it offers a reflection about the sense of the theatrical art as principle of aesthetical autonomy and about the contamination with the figurative arts. The forms of research and experimentation ranges in some sectors of the artistic and cultural expression: the social company has created a center of research and experimentation, a center of production and theatrical documentation and organizases seminars of study, laboratories and theatrical festivals; moreover the Laboratory  Artaud collaborates with public corporations on special events.

From 1995, year of the Laboratory Artaud’s constitution, the social company has produced BAILE DE FAMILIA Latin theater music-hall, CYRANO DE BERGERAC or of the ambiguous and transitory identity; O’RRE LIAR theatrical metamorphosis from the King Lear of W. Shakespeare, (international Festival between the Sun and the Moon, XIth edition of Montone Festival and Vth  meeting of the Invisible Theaters in Aversa 2002); ANTIGONE Symparanekromenoi, in tour in Crete in 2002; PINOCCHIO, or human too much human ( a project for  young people who suffer from mental disease, in collaboration  with Department of Mental Health of Teramo, 2003); MEDEIA, changed eadem resurgo, liturgy for 14 spectators (2004); That Misfortune the Life, study from the King Dies of Eugene Jonescó (in course, a project in collaboration with Giulianova town, wich involves young people with physical disease).

From 2003 the Laboratory has planned and realized the project of training and production METÓIKOS – toward  the research of the lost theater-a study on the origins and the sense of the Greek theater, of the tragedy and of her influence on the contemporary theater, from which the homonym SET Elementary school of theater, a biennial course of theatrical training that, in July of 2005, has found its natural conclusion in the production of the last work of the undertaken Greek trilogy, ATREIDES_ANAXANDRON and to the light of the wolf return, from the Orestea of Eschilo.

Since 1987 the social company conducts theatrical laboratories with young people who soffer from psychic uneasiness (Padua 1987-1999) (Giulianova 2003 – currently in progress) and psyco-physical disease (Venice 2000 – 2001). Since 2003 the Laboratory Artaud conducts (by the frequencies of Radio Cooperative Information and Culture in Padua) the radio broadcast  The Research of the Gods – teachers and pedagogy in the theater of the ‘900 – for an actor not planned.

The Laboratory Artaud has conceived and organized Hidden Signs, 1th International Festival of the theater engaged in the psychic uneasiness (Padua, June 1999), DRAMATURGHJIEpaths of research in the female theater (1998-2001) and Theater and Uneasiness (1998), 1th biennial course of formation composed by a modular structure. In 1999 the social company has produced the document BORDERLINE SPACES at the International Meeting THERAPY OR ART? in Lodz (Polonia) and has proposed  the same document to the PANELLENIC PSYCHIATRIC CONFERENCE in Chania in 2003.

From 1997  the social company organizes and produces the events of Theaters of East – Trips and Visions, bringing oriental artists in Padua and in Veneto and MASCKA, Rite, Myth, Theatrical Archaeology and Technical of Tradition of the Mask (Padua, September 2004). In May of 2001 the Region of Veneto has recognized the Center of documentation on the performative arts Nanaqui, prepared in the center of the laboratory Artaud c.r.t., like library of local interest.

In July of 2005, the social company presents, inside the festival “Theaters of the walls”, the project Intra moenia. Between the sacred and the myth. Lost ierofania of the Greek tragedy, complete trilogy of a research on the Ancient Greek theater, in this way the company realizes the project of training and production Metoikos – toward the research of the lost theater an investigation on the origins and the sense of the greek theater and its influence on the contemporary theater.


logo cieco1



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