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artaudfilmfestival – projections off course in 2014
international festival of documentary film
competition and exhibition



AFF. ArtaudFilmFestival – PROJECTIONS OFF COURSE is organized and produced by Cultural and Popular Cinematographic Circle REMAKE. The festival of documentary film is inspired by and is a tribute to the figure of Antonin Artaud, film-actor and theater director, painter and author of books and essays on theater and film. And especially to existential distress experienced of the artist during a long part of his life.


The aim of the Festival is to discover, enhance and promote audiovisual works can make possible an investigation and a reflection in the vast territory of the social themes (by social unrest to the existential, the lack of jobs, poverty, youth problems, abuse of power, immigration, discrimination, status of women and femicide, war and conflict, interracial, etc …), on those realities unknowable” that accompany and determine, in most cases, the condition or the fate of men and women. The meaning is to draw a kind of “cartography of the human situation” through tales, the testimonies, the expressions of a cinema facing a horizon of social commitment and solidarity, more and more restricted by the system of audiovisual media and television. Thus enhancing Inexpensive works” and from top human content, with the aim of expanding the knowledge and the perspective of new points of view as timely as ever, involving all those “sensitive actors” of documentary film, which professionally or not, turn their attention to social problems, as an instrument investigation or course of study and research.


Conditions for participation
They can participate in the selection for the competition audiovisual works of documentary genre made ​​in any medium, with no limit on the typology (historical, social, entertainment etc. ..) year, the country of manufacture and at the time, they face from any viewpoint existential conditions, stories, characters, situations, and issues related to social problems, to marginal situations of reality “unknowable” grasped in a an existential perspective, historical, social, anthropological, etc
Audiovisual works must be in Italian or Italian version (also subtitled).
The presentation of the selected works and the award ceremony will take place in the second half of the month of August 2014.

The 2014 edition of the FFA – Projections Off Course provides for a unique competitive section, dedicated to documentaries of any duration.

Awards and Jury
The selection of audiovisual works that will participate in the competition is by and at the sole discretion of the Artistic Jury, who shall give prompt notice to the authors. The best work will be rewarded. There will also be a mention or any secondary prizes for subsections adMemoriamand InMiGratis.”

Modalities of participation
To participate in the selection you need to connect to the page of the festival, this page, ( at the end of which there is the appropriate form online (pre-enrollment form) and return it. On the same page, always in the end, can be downloaded the regulation and the registration form. The latter, once completed in all its parts, should be sent, by mail, or post, with all required materials, attaching *:

– 2 (two) copies of the work on DVD and relative file with the extension  .avi;
a CD-ROM containing one or more stills of the work and an image of the director in digital format and in printable quality, the synopsis of the work and a brief bio-filmography of the author in text format.

* If missing even one of the materials required for participation in the competition, the work will automatically be excluded from the selection.

The online pre-registration must be made no later than 10 May 2014 and the material must be sent by post (the postmark will do) or delivered by hand, no later than May 28, 2014, to the following address:

c.a.  Alfredo de Venuto, cccp REMAKE
c / o Ex – Macello, Via Cornaro, 1-35128 PADOVA – ITALY

The materials submitted will not be returned. Shipping costs are borne by the participants. Entry to the competition is free.

Use of works
The directors, authors and rights holders of the works sent authorize the direction of the projection of the same during the Festival. Also authorize any collection of selected works in a DVD for promotional use of the festival, intended for a targeted distribution in schools, in libraries and in cultural centers without any profit motive. Finally, authorize the festival direction to keep in its copy of the work and it can be used for educational purposes, research and promotion, including in different contexts from that of the festival, to the exclusion of any commercial use and protection of the interests of the authors and producers.  Participation in the selection before, and in the event of the festival took place after selection, implies full acceptance of these rules.

regulation  format pdf     format doc

pre-enrollment schedule   format pdf     format doc  (deadline 28 maggio 2014)

PRE-ENROLLMENT FORM – AFF international festival of documentary films

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