that is human, all too human

fineThe history of the piece of wood, an object that has no unique qualities, the owner of a mixed and dramatic fate, inevitably moved to a transformation in puppet, a prelude to the birth of Pinocchio and marks the route of a fairy tale where the characters that appear to meet known him forever. Characters such as Pinocchio and the piece of wood you inhabit each other, which helped him to get lost in the fight with its initial condition and find himself in his dream of transmutation into human; too human.

Once upon a time A King …” No!
here was once a piece of wood …
What catastrophic start, as laconic and rough
A peer through the interstices of these seven words, he soon discovers a fairy tale in the story, something that is close to the heart of every possible fairy tale. For now, though, the storyteller tells us that instead of the King there is a “simple piece of wood pile
That his “being there” is unmotivated as demonstrated by the news that we have very vague: it does not bought, nor found, or brought by anyone, it is there, and that is enough. And this happens in the “once upon a time …”. If you look closely at this piece of wood, in these few opening lines we find that it is owner of a mixed
and dramatic fate . Is defined to be put in wood stoves, to be thrown into the fire, but together another fate awaits him: Master Cherry wants to make a “table leg”. What a piece of wood go to a carpenter, certainly has its own meaning. Have to wonder, however, why would that piece of wood is gone in the workshop of Master Cherry. The basic rule is to “not see” what happens … Let’s say the truth, nobody walks out of a forest nursery, to become leg of a table, even if for a wood fire, this may seem like a career as a concept. But the choice of the piece of wood it seems of singular importance. At this point is living a conflict between destination and destiny, but not to be passive instrument of the second, it must begin with the “wrong choice”. Cherry Master is the old carpenter by the pointed nose “like a ripe cherry.” Man of order, methodical, of tolerable fortune – possesses the shop, ax, planer – socially situated, Master Cherry, has this of singular, to be deprived of unique qualities. Is reasonable a doubt that, in the “once upon a time” this man is a meteco, an immigrant. Master Cherry know that he is a loner, that speaks for itself, which is dedicated to lonely and wayward drinking, which does not seem unaware of hallucinations and misunderstanding, all since of order and good. But the basic rule is to “not see” what happens.

(excerpts from “Pinocchio: a parallel book” by Giorgio Manganelli)

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