by the spectators
comments, emotions, thoughts

Cyrano de Bergerac
(Padova, Bastion Alicorno, 27-28 May 1999)

Leaves a sign in my heart. Paul

Thank you very much, it is a wonderful thing, it takes my heart, it makes me feel happy.
Enchanted me, thanks for making me feel all these emotions, along with your passion. I.M. F.

Into a delirium for two strong hours, where it was difficult to recognize the differences. M.G.

I have never seen in the theater an intense emotion like this. You are very good. Christa.

Thank you for the emotions you have done me live. G.B.

O’RRE LIAR metamorfosi teatrale dal King Lear di William Shakespeare
(Festival internazionale Tra il sole e la luna, Montone 7 agosto 2002)

Rhythms and sounds that evoke memories of hidden spaces, dream – traces, memories.

Life is a dialectic of absurdity. Beautiful.

(Padova, Bastion St. Holy Cross, 7-8 September 2002)

That’s why we love it. When you recite you put passion! What can I say: good keep it up! With magnificent.

I’m not very familiar with the theater, unfortunately, but this representation of a theater in the theater that inspired me a lot of exciting emotions and a strong desire to learn more about the theater. Thank you.

ANTIGONE symparanekromenoi
(Este, Cloister of St. Francis, August 10, 2002)

As a student of Ancient Literature I was pleasantly surprised of your work because it is able to capture some details of the classical tragedy that in other representations of other companies were missing altogether. Very good! (C.T.)

This work reminded me of a spectacle seen at the end of the course in the History of the Theatre of the DAMS of Bologna: it is of the Ego Faust of Eugenio Barba, which aims, in the same way you, togive a  interpret actorial at the level of expression and artistic. In this interpretation, I found the purpose of bringing about a true work of art, with great originality and creativity of the actor, as well as a strong ability to transmit the emotional charge related to the subject. I hope to soon see another one of your work.

Very good actors, congratulations to the company.
This type of classic manifestations should be represented more often. (A.B)

Congratulations to all the company for the ability to transmit sensations to the public and for the very expressive gestual and vocal. (F. A.)

Congratulations to all! I was moved so much that I forgot the portfolio in the chair. Clear voices and meaningful. (Y.P.)

From the director to the actors all really good, congratulations.
Also the music particularly interesting. (T.S)

(Xania, Crete Municipal Theatre, August 27, 2002)

Very good! A big hello from an Italian-Greek. (E.)

Very good! (L.M.K)

Very good. Congratulations and thank you. (G.B. Honorary Consul of Italy)

Congratulations!! (K.A.)

I can not express what I feel and my Italian is poor. Many thanks for this power and to your heart (KK)

No words can possibly explain the feelings… Everything was perfect. From the way of playng, till the costumes, the light, the direction…. I am very happy that I met you and very glad you are here. Hope to come for see you in your place next time. Love you all. Kisses. (N.)

Thank you very very much. Authentic people in authentic roles. Bravo! (E.H.)

Excellent!! Congratulations!! Wonderful!! I love you all!!! Kisses (N.)

(Fortress Hiraklion, Crete, August 28, 2002)

Very good! Hope to see you! (C.B.)

A masterpiece into masterpiece (G. C.)

It was a superb experience for me. Thank you for letting us share this with your team! Your work was very good at all levels. Keep goin!! (X.M.)

(Piazzola sul Brenta, Padova, March 15, 2003)

You really touched. (Antonella, Elisa, Ilaria, Flavia)

You are very good, we await you with Medea. Best wishes. (Laura)

(Padova, Eremitani Museums, Classical Theatre Festival, May 23, 2003)

Exciting … .. Superb.

Thanks, it was really strong emotion, congratulations!

Recited a poem in three languages. I was lucky enough to fully appreciate it. Thank you!

(Cittadella, Padova, Theatre, May 23, 2003, matinee High School Caro)

Beautiful … I must say that if I had not had the company of my class … I would be so involved in the story I want to cry …
but even so it was very nice. CONGRATULATIONS! (G.L.)

Beautiful music and the movement of bodies … (I.M.)

It seemed like a dance of fallen spirits from a dream as old as to seem a resurrection of worlds. (P.L.)

(Piove di Sacco, Philharmonic Theatre, March 9, 2004, matinee Einstein High School)

Magical atmosphere, where the talent triumphs, anguish and passion. (S.R.)

Excellent corporeal mimesis ! We see that there is a lot of work behind. Congratulations!

(Este, Filodrammatici Theatre, matinee Art Institute Corradini, March 12, 2004)

I had never seen an event like this and I was surprised and fascinated! CONGRATULATIONS (F. M.)

Excellent choice of the work represented. The moral of the end I loved it.
Rediscover the ancient thoughts of the time may also include today’s realities. Thank you very much. (L. X.)

MEDEIA eadem mutata resurgo
(Padova, Bastion Alicorno Cross, 7 – 8 September 2004)

Beautiful, I wait the trilogy …

Medea is a spectacle touching and profound as the mysteries of the world (F.)

Emotions of death – emotions of life – tormenting – powerful. Yet like a breath … and life is reborn with a flower … thanks (Jane)

I leave a place full of suggestions with a heart filled with emotions that are eternal, but that you, tonight, I have allowed to renew and rediscover (GS)

.. a great emotion … (M.A.)

the music of death, the silence of life (FT)

there is no return at  home as before, you can not, you should not …

really moving, I felt sorrow for the unjust death of children ever.

a tragedy that approaches, a consciousness that awakens. Hear the children as their children …

(Padova, Teatro alle Maddalene, 28 to 30 January 2005)

You know reviving each time a different drama, a different emotion …

I have thrilled to the core. Thank you. (G.L.)

It ‘was wonderful … I could not hold back the tears … Thank you! (S.G.)

I can not express myself right now. I can not put into words the turmoil caused in me. The intimate relationship with the actors is more of a knife. And ‘as if you were about to burst. Thank you. (C. F.)

Total experience. Spectator and actor of a terrible tragedy that dies to be reborn the next day. The mirror and witness of the accusation that cowardly attempt to remove from our lives. A performance of a venomous beauty!

Real tragedy, intense and full of emotion. Thank you all. (D.B.)

It ‘a difficult experience but full of charm and appeal.

“I need to live poetry and I see around me.” Artaud. Ever a spectacle was able to enter my case.

Without words, dumb, scared, feeling of insecurity around me, and faith only in the emotions, ecstatic by the beauty and greatness of the human conscience. Thank you! (D.)

Thank you. (M. C.)

Tears of real emotions, heart … you have given.

…maybe … the experience stronger, more powerful lived in a “theater”.
Grandly real! (G.C.)

(Padova, Bastion San Massimo, Theatres of the walls 24 to 8 September 2004)

Dramatically shocking and … presently (R.S.)

Strong in the head and strong near the heart … I just silence.
We celebrated together, now we are no longer strangers … (F.)

Stone! I was a rock! (E.) …

a spectacle … very addictive, hard and strong impact, surely particular for introducing the viewer directly into the scene through the ritual that willy-nilly makes you live the myth of the here and now. Congratulations and thank you. (T.B.)

I still try for words to describe the emotion I felt, but not enough … I still tremble! Thanks beautiful. (E.)

I’m still shaking … (A. Q.)

Television makes the pain indifference, tonight your performance made ​​me feel rather than the pain and the torment of people can be close to me away. Congratulations and thank you. (A. T.)

Straight to the heart, thank you! Very good.

I did not cry so much as a story. (S.)

I go out … with the heart turned to stone. Paola, a mother …




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