baile de familia__

latino theatre music-hall

baile3(… one day we will be gone … but we do not know where … a ballroom … in Mexico…Spain… Latin America… or Vercelli… crossing neglectful countries, where they are always all gone elsewhere … but you do not understand where … nothing trembling or noisy , throbbing or dark, zero damned … just that little slip languor of feeling for the world … without girlfriends … without family …)

Baile de Familia is a show that draws form and family conditions, a context in which they objectively recognize some of the contributing factors and situations that lead many young people to a state of malaise, a feeling different. By the refusal of a model, the need for a relationship obliged by rules not always shared, at the physical and psychological dependence that results. The show, set in a context geographically far (Latin America) investigates, through some fragments of family situations, ironic and paradoxical, the relationships within some familiescouples, presenting a glimpse of daily life;alternated with moments of individual and intimate reflection, prenuptial and consequently pre family; ironically underlining the dialogue within a social reality, as opposed to a monologue whose family still does not have (and perhaps would) or those who would like a different one. Not forgetting the profound values​​, highlighted by the choice of the setting and the tangosongs, in search of a possible communication, such as inverted image of a social theater.

from the “review” of a spectator

I do not know why, but from the beginning and throughout the time of the representation, I have accompanied from many sensations, however, summed up in one: were the voices, gestures, movements of all those who participated, rising from the stage, to” make “words, to” build “the sound of the story. From the sound profound and warm of the voices at the insistence of tango, unexpected and almost cyclical of the bailarinas, that marked the movements of the scene-change but do not delete them; the hands colored cloth waved, at the legs, eyes, songs of all actors. A “festival of bodies,” who invented since the first time the lights with motion enveloping and growing. No, there have been lights in the show: because as a painting by Caravaggio, the bodies have created light. The story is the small / large history of all life: a apparently banal life, looked and lived with the force sometimes hard of the irony. It is a delicate and limpid complicity that of Baile de familia, and yet you laugh, and with the simplicity that we sometimes lose. Laughing with the heart on the things that happen to us, that “to all happen but we do not say“, how he responds the brilliant “he” in the first scene, is a way (maybe it’s the way) to take in the hands also the incomprehensible mystery of our lives and the lives of others … and to make it stick to our skin to “hear” it...

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