and in the light of the wolf return ________________________________________________

If we want to stop the horror of war, so that life can go on, is necessary to understand and imagine. There is not a practical solution to the war, because a practical mind is more equipped for its management, not for its circumvention. The war belongs to our soul as the archetypal truth of the cosmos, is the work and at the same time human error. We can only open our eyes to this terrible truth and devote all our passionate intensity to undermine the implementation of the war, strong of the courage that culture has, also in the dark ages, to continue to sing while resisting the war.
(A terrible love of war, James Hillman)

TEATRO-ARTAUD,-AGAMMENNONE14The last production of our Greek trilogy. The first part of Oresteia of Aeschylus. The saga of Atreus, Erope and the banquet of the sons of Thyestes, the sacrifice of Iphigenia, the abduction of Helen, the rape of Cassandra, the murder of Agamemnon by the hand of his wife Clytemnestra and her lover Aegisthus, the passion of Electra, Orestes‘s murder. War, murder and revenge.The indissoluble connection between violence and the tragic in the greek theater summed in itself two terms which are essentially one another, one not being able without the other. The saga of Atreus, connected to the town of Mycenae, is afflicted by a chain mournful among the most impressive: it is, to read the events in rationalistic key, of brutal struggles for power, for its conquest and its even harder maintenance; tale narrative material made of memories of distant era, passed to the legend and finally filtered to historical time and cloaked by an incredible violence. Our days.

TEATRO-ARTAUD,-AGAMMENNONE96Atreides_Anaxandron refers to some sagas related to different places of Greece in which for generations have been dragging on the crime and the revenge until the complete expiation or dissolution of the family that is the protagonist. The notorious descendants of Atreus or Labdacidi terminate in their several generations the primary curse that fathers bring written in its name: la(m)bda, the letter with two legs’ mildly asymmetrical Làbdaco characterizes the cripple”;the lame foot of Oedipus, edi-poùs, swollen foot’. Or the sacrilegious banquet of Thyestes that, ignorant, deceived by his brother Atreus, eat the meat of his sonsFor anyone who has expertise in names, is entirely clear what is meant by the name Atreus. In fact, it is perfectly appropriate to him, both in the sense of indomitable’ (ateirés), and in that of intrepid’ (àtreston), and in that of blinded by evil(ateròn)” (Plato, Cratylus). Often at the origin of the curse that rests on these bloodlines is placed the violation of an interdict most serious, the violation of a taboo that opens a fracture not recomposed with some form of conciliation. Only death can untie the knot.

atreidesBut by wars and revenges, from the facts of blood, sometimes is originated a palingenesisgenerally entrusted to the new generationsto the sosns who commit, with the crime, a liberating final act to turn off the wickedness of tyrants or avenge the injustice sufferedbelieving so to close the chain of blood. Generations who, even today, in the light of the wolf return.

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